Shohei Tanaka (田中 翔平)

AHC Lab, NAIST, Japan
E-mail: tanaka.shohei.tj7 at


I am a Ph.D. candidate at Augmented Human Communication Laboratory (AHC Lab), Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). Since I was an undergraduate student, I have been strongly interested in systems that interact with users. During my undergraduate, I made some interactive systems to develop my engineering skills. I have been studying dialogue systems in my graduate school. My current research interest is dialogue agents that respond with reflective actions to ambiguous user requests. The agents would be used in tasks that users sometimes cannot clearly verbalize their requests such as sightseeing navigation or hotel reception. I am also interested in how dialogue systems use external knowledge such as event causality. I have been studying these topics to develop dialogue agents that can support users in diverse situations as human concierges do.


Work Experience





Easy Talk Suhama-Shoten(しゃべってらくらく 洲浜商店), 2017

Suhama-Shoten is a spoken dialogue system to help elderly people with shopping. Users can order items by only talking with a character. The system runs on a smartphone. Slides (in Japanese)